01 Gargoyle

For the very first drawing I first started of with some thumbnail drawings to get some ideas on the paper.
02 Scurry

As english isn't my native language there has been moments where I actually had to look up some of the prompts that were given. Scurry has been one of them. I've been tinkering with some ideas but haven't found an idea that felt appropriate. This was the moment, pretty early into the challenge were I gave myself the permission to use the prompt and drift of in different directions, as long as the original prompt was the igniting spark for the idea.
03 BAT

For this prompt the idea came pretty quickly. Although the drawing isn't a original idea, at this point I really started to get into the inking mood and was more focused on developing my stroke brush and no so much on the drawing idea itself. Still, Batman the animated series has been a huge impact on me as an animator so doing this homage was a lot of fun. This drawing btw is the only one where I didn't use any white to keep the simplicity if the overall style of the series.
04 Scallop

For this drawing I tried to get a bit more into composition and using the double page of my sketchbook. The idea for the character came after a few thumbnail drawings. Using the shape of a scallop for a torso seemed just the right thing to do :)
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