Era Vulgaris
Those kind of project that makes you throw rocks at your grandma.
Augmented Reality Video in collaboration with Aria Platform and thisCover.
The Project
Those are the moments when someone just knocks on your door and offers you the most fun project without any creative restrictions what so ever ... ​​​​​​​
I had the great pleasure to participate in thiscover-project, choosing a vinyl cover of my choice and animate it. Together with the Ariaplatform you can now have the clip as an augmented reality experience by just scanning the cover with your phone.
Choosing "Era Vulgaris" by Queens Of The Stone Age wasn't difficult, as this is one of my favorite albums of the band, considering the amazing artwork from one of my favorite design studios Morning Breath Inc.
Sound design was done by the well trusted QOTSA-co-fanboy Volkmar Sorg, who just nailed the stretch between 50s-cartoons and the slap-in-your-face sound of the album.

I tried to bring the different characters to live by creating a weird kind of commercial format, inspired by the publicity videos when the disc was released.

This is definitely a dream come true, participating in this master piece, music- and graphic-wise.
The Original Artwork
When you entered this industry with the motivation to collaborate with super creative minds, and than see an opportunity to play with the artwork of the ones that created the spark ... Morning Breath Inc.
Morning Breath Inc struck me the first time when the new album of Queens Of The Stone Age came out in 2007, the year I started my studies in motion design. I've been a dedicated fan since, which is why I hadn't had to think twice, when thisCover reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to animate an album cover of my choice. Giving the amazing characters just random, fun movements with the goal to create some highly dynamic 50s commercial, was maybe the most fun I've ever had on a project.
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