It really happened. After 5 years I finally managed to finish my new reel.

Instead of making just a compilation of my best work I wanted this one to be special, a piece of art on its own. 
To hone my skills I try to do as many personal projects as possible in-between client work. Due to the insane amount of time animation takes, those exercises mostly end up in short clips and loops for social media. I wanted to combine those little snippets with client work a give them a real stage and a new purpose.
Design process
First color explorations.
First style ideas.
who's in
Over the years quite some work has been accumulated. 
The difficult part was to select for the showreel the pieces I was really proud of and gave the right impression of what kind of work I wanted to hired in the future.
Adding some story
Not only did I want to redesign the whole material but also add an aditional layer of a story to the whole clip that takes the viewer on a fun trip.
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