The BlackWhite Series
Those black & white animation loops where created during the COVID19 lockdown 2020 in Barcelona as a result of various collaborations with artists, musician, entrepreneurs and other creative minds around the globe.
As time stood still and we realized how precious the possibility to move freely really means I wanted to create minimalist loops of illustrations and dedicate them to fellow creatives to support their causes.
Tales From
The Lockdown
Although you may not see us, believe me, we are here, doing the same boring stuff you are doing. All over, and over, and over, and ...
I had the great pleasure of participating again in this years collaboration project hosted by the awesome peeps at SEED, a London based animation studio. They were inviting artist all around the world to participate in their project "Tales From The Lockdown" by sending a 4 second clip, showing how they spend their time during the quarantine lock down. Check out all the other entries on their Instagram account.
Balcony Chillers
Just lie back, relax and listen to this sound, because you won't go anywhere for quite some time.
Every once in a while the sound designer Volkmar Sorg rises from the dark spaces of his studio as his alter ego DJ Thunderpad with a new mixtape to pamper your ears with some soothing sounds of his vast music archive.  I had the great pleasure to create the artwork for his latest mixtape. Listen to the mixtape and make sure you check out the other tracks available on his mixcloud account.
Satoshi's Spirit
Remember the times when our favorite bar to drink with friends wasn't called ZOOM
This local gin enthusiasts started to brew and sell their own craftsman gin in 2019. Naming their brand after the creator of the bitcoin they hold up their standards to the highest level when it comes to precision using their "botanical algorithms" in combination of high quality ingredients in order to achieve the best possible flavor for their products.
During the lockdown they started to support local bars by donating a free drink to their customers in a bar of their choise, whenever they purchased a bottle on their homepage. So I decided to send them a little GIF to help them promote their brand on social network.

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