2021 I had the great pleasure to collaborate with the creative director Jakob Konrad to work together on a presentation video for the Unordinal game engine.
The task was to create a video that helped to explain the engine and find potential platforms where the engine could be implemented.
Our goal was to highlight the player's experience during an online multiplayer game, particularly the high level of frustration experienced whewn you get eliminated. This frustration often leads to a revenue loss for the game platform, as players lose interest. We aimed to demonstrate how Unordinal can maintain player engagement, even after elimination, without the players even realizing it.
Character Design
Can you do manga style too?
Anime has grown increasingly popular, largely due to major streaming platforms and the demand for foreign content from Gen Z and Millennials. This style is also frequently used in game-related advertising. That's why we selected an adapted style for the Unordinal clip.
Creating the characters for this clip was quite challenging for me, as I had no prior experience with manga characters and anime. So I dove into this massive world of manga and did some research to study the design principles of the manga characters and their unique look.
Environment Design
To emphasize the multiplayer aspect of player interaction across different time zones and locations, we selected contrasting environments. We opted for a warm, organic, rural environment on one side, and a cold, minimalist metropolitan environment on the other.
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