The Citizen Café is a small bistro in the heart of Barcelona, selling homemade recipes from all around the world, prepared with local ingredients.
Their intention is to keep their supplier chains as short as possible and obtain their ingredients directly from the farmers and family businesses. This way the Citizen Café can assure a high quality standard of their food and make sure to buy directly from the source in order to support them.
While getting comfortable in the bistro every customer is gonna be introduced to the complete collection of illustrations on the table cloth.
Wheather you want to send greeting from your holidays or just get yourself a little souvenir from your trip to Barcelona you can get seven different post cards.
With the purchase of the post cards you not only take a little bit of the CItizen Café with you, but also support the local NGO "Acción Planetaria". Acción Planetaria is an NGO born in Barcelona that seeks to improve the quality of life of people with fewer resources. The sale of this solidarity dish collaborates with the dining room that the NGO has in Peru, where actions are carried out such as school support for children between 3 and 16 years old and medical-dental assistance.
When entering the Citizen Café you are directly introduced to some of the illustrated characters that may  cross your sight during the rest of your stay.
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