A hero's journey to pure serenity and an impeccable tax declaration.
My part: Art Direction, Illustration, Animation
Production: Parasol Island
Producer: Gesine Weckauf
Creative Direction: Matthias May, Andrew Morgan
CleanUp: Isa Gross
my hero
A hero of pure heart that endures the obstacles of the Italian tax system, to find the true path to enlightenment with
The main idea was to create a character that the audience could relate to. A character that shares their struggles and shows them the solution to their problems. Considering the briefing, target group and a few experimentations, we decided to go with a loose proportioned, human-like, male character. Playing around with cultural stereotypes, we added some likeable attributes, so the Italian audience could identify themselves even more with our hero.  
The Casting
Every hero needs villains. 
And there are plenty out there. That’s why not everyone of them found their way into the clip. I still feel that some of the candidates had imense potential and had to be mentioned here:  
Hero Material
Finding the right archetype for our odyssey, we were seeking out for extraordinary characters that were capable to master the challenge.
Here are some other explorations during the design process of our hero character:
And a selection of early style explorations.
Thanks for watching
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