The Project
Maier Sports takes its responsibility to people and the environment serious and puts a lot of effort in developing sustainable and responsible production processes.
They wanted a video that creates awareness among their employees in order to cultivate the companies values.
We wrote a concept that shows the employees the direct impact of their decisions.
This does not only affect the environment, but also their clients and  jobs
by sawing off the branch they are all sitting on.
The Design
As the client approached us to create an illustrative video we wanted to develop a style that marks natures beauty and vastness. By using depth of field, light reflections and lens flares we wanted to give the illustrations a warm and realistic feeling.
The Process
From the first animatic over style frame creation to the detailed animation. Every project is a has its recipe to reach the product's needs and client's satisfaction.
With the animatic we presented the rough concept of the story including scribbles of the various shots. This helps to get an idea if the story works and gives a feeling about length, speed and flow of the clip.
After we set the the timing and established the shots for the video, the developed style for the project is been applied to each one of the shots.
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