An athlete's tale about the perfect leap, lots of body oil and that special pair of Speedos.
Sound Design by
The Project
This teeny tiny short film found its way to the big screen as an exercise on perspective, storytelling and  stylising human anatomy.
In 2021 I decided to work on my drawing fundamentals and buckle up for some serious human anatomy. Whether learning a language, an instrument or doodling some jolly characters, I always felt the need to first understand the basics and rules, before going out there and experiment on my own. When it comes to illustration I always pretended to not having to learn anatomy, as I never wanted to create photorealistic characters.
Little did I know, how much this knowledge will help me even for highly stylised character designs.
After various drawing attempts but not really getting the result I was looking for, I decided to use Cinema 4D and go a more flexible way of finding the right perspective.
With the 3d renders as guides I was able to set the right stage. 
When defining the two shots for the clip I always liked the idea that each one of them could work as well as kind of a still image loops.
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